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Parfum Cremé - Library of Flowers

Parfum Cremé - Library of Flowers

Eau de parfum captured in an extra-rich crème base. A triple-scented perfume alternative, the parfum crema is a modern interpretation of parfum intended to be worn in place of traditional fragrance. Designed to capture fragrance and slowly release when applied, for long lasting perfume delivery.

  • Field and Flowers - Apricot, Honeyed Blossom, and Wildflowers
  • Forget me Not - Notes of Osmanthus, Rice Powder, and White Orchid
  • Honeycomb - Sugared Fig, Ambrosia Honey, and Royal Bee Blossom
  • True Vanilla - Notes of Bergamot, Dark Vanilla, and Amber
  • Willow & Water - Notes of Cut Greens, Flowering Lotus, and Watercress

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2.5 oz / 70.8 g
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